A Note From Pastor Larry Davis

Pastor Larry says……….
We are just a few short weeks away from the annual celebration for the founding of Skinquarter Baptist Church.  I love to hear new stories about family names and their history.  I remember hearing someone say that in the Old Dominion of days gone by, when a stranger appeared in the community or someone new was presented to a family, the stranger would be asked, "What is your last name and who is your father?"  I have to be careful because I catch myself asking so many questions of new acquaintances that it may sound like an interrogation.  But it is simply because I like to know about family names and family history; they tell the story of who you are.
I believe we are the only church in the world with our name: "Skinquarter".  There are hundreds of churches with wonderful names like "Grace and Faith" and "Victory" but only one "Skinquarter".  Walter Mitterer had it on his license plate because he was proud of the name.  It was here that Walter lived, raised a family, and finished his life's journey.  Like so many of the church forefathers, he is buried in Skinquarter Baptist Church cemetery.
I used to pause a little when outsiders asked me where I pastored.  I would focus keenly on their facial expression for the reaction when I proclaimed, "Skinquarter Baptist".  I no longer pause because Skinquarter has been and still is a meaningful chapter of my life.  We have been blessed to baptize some of the children that were born into the little community we know as Skinquarter.  We have been blessed to see the second year of our AWANA program up and running, thanks to the dedication and commitment of our church family.  We have been blessed to have some of the long-time residents of the Skinquarter community become members of our church family.  We are so fortunate to have folks from many generations past who  still call Skinquarter their home and their church.  The world around us is changing.  There are new communities springing up everywhere you look.  But here we are, by the grace of God, alive and well, with open doors and open arms, 240 years later. 
The celebration of  our anniversary originally scheduled for October 14th was postponed due to Hurricane Michael.  We will work on rescheduling.