By our Pastor
Larry Davis
Lesson #1​
Book of Acts
Part 1
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Book of Acts
Part 2
Lesson #3
Book of Acts
Part 3

A Note From Pastor Larry Davis

​​​Pastor Larry says……….
     You never know what is coming next when you are dealing with kids from K-4 to 5th grade.  Every now and then someone reminds me of the Art Linkletter show.  A couple of weeks ago I asked the whole group this question:  How often do you think about God?  On the front pew sat a four year old boy and a four year old girl.  So, i am standing arms-length away from them.  The little girl's eyes brightened up and, instantly, she said, "all day."  The little boy followed right on her heels with his reply, "from dark to dark."
      I know, and you probably do as well, the Bible says "out of the mouth of babes, you have perfect praise."  But to hear it and see it, to see the genuine, and unfeigned emotion on those little faces as they declared their thoughts about God was a blessing.  Even more, it was an affirmation of the reality that HE is.
     Solomon reminds us how age works on us.  He basically says this physical body just wears out. (Ecclesiastes 12)  It is my observation that there is a change in our spirit as well.  The faith manifested in that bold proclamation from the mouth of 4 year olds will either be nurtured and grow strong or be neglected and diminish with age.  Hear Solomon's admonition:  "Remember thy Creator in the days of your youth."